5 Best Black Friday 2020 Promotion ideas for Online Businesses

The much awaited sale of the year “Thanksgiving & Blackfriday 2020” is approaching and customers are already looking up exciting sales on their favorite products and services. but gone are the days of waiting in lines trying to get in the stores and scoop up the limited number of first come first serve items.

Though this year would be different given the situation and most physical stores opting for excluding in-store sales the interest in sales has been growing past last year. Customers are flocking to online stores looking for upcoming sales and discounts. This is a valuble opportunity for online businesses to exponentially grow their sales this end of year season.

  • Amazon Sellers

If you are a avid Amazon Seller, then you can utilize the Event Specific Deals to promote your products this Holiday season.

Prime Exclusive Deals for Sellers

See Further Steps to Create Event specific deals on Amazon.

Ecommerce Stores

If you have a standalone Ecommerce site on Shopify, WooCommerce Etc., then first thing to do is setup an well crafted landing page with offers specially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that attract your customers.

Example Holiday Sale Landing Page from Casper

once you have that set, promote the page through your channels such as

  1. Email Subscribers – Send out targeted emails to your email list giving them a first look at the deals you got to offer.
  2. Social Media – Post about your offers on social media, if applicable pin it to the top of your brand page till the big sales day.
  3. Website Homepage – Drive your visitors to checkout you landing page with offers and at the same time setup funnels to let them signup for future deals.
Example of Subscriber Opt-in

  1. Third-Party Sites: There are numerous 3rd party website showcasing good Black Friday Deals and Coupons, Submit your Offers to the sites and drive in new customers and generate more holiday traffic.

For Example, If you have a E-commerce store around Mom & Pop Products or Home Essentials, you can submit a deal on https://moneysavingmom.com/submit-a-deal/